My creative journey

My photography journey began many, many years ago. As a child, I would frame the world between my fingers, murmuring ‘click’ as something beautiful crossed my view. In high school, the yearbook staff was a natural fit, and I happily roamed the campus with an SLR camera in hand, scurrying back to the darkroom to develop my film between classes. The college years meant cheap point-and-shoot cameras tucked into my back pocket at parties, the prints landing in scrapbooks with magazine tear-outs and silly doodles. Once my children came along, the camera rarely left my hands, and soon, I knew I wanted better photographs but had no idea how to get them. Finally, I signed up for classes online and spent the next few years immersed in courses, magazines, videos and tutorials, honing my craft and expanding my creativity. I have come so far, yet I recognize that I still have so far to go… but I am loving the journey.